AKAVYA (Yakobovits), AVRAHAM ARYEH LEIB (1882–1964), Polish-born Hebrew and Yiddish writer and editor. After the publication of his first story in David Frischmann's Ha-Dor (1901), Akavya became a steady contributor to the Hebrew press and literary periodicals. He also wrote stories and novels in Yiddish, and translated from Yiddish to Hebrew. Akavya edited several Yiddish weeklies, the Hebrew daily Ha-Boker (with D. Frischmann (1909), the biweekly for youth Shibbolim, and (after World War I) Ha-Ẓefirah and Ha-Yom. He went to Palestine in 1935 and was an editor of the short Massadah encyclopedia and later the chief editor of the Yizre'el encyclopedia. He devoted many years of research to the Hebrew calendar and published various books on the subject. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kressel, Leksikon, 2 (1967), 562–5. (Getzel Kressel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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